Shortly after you arrive at our sleep center, you will be shown to one of our private bedrooms.


You will be asked to change into your pajamas, the technician will ask a series of questions including types of medication you may have taken the day of your study, your activities that day, and prepare for “hook-up”. This means the technicians will fasten the recording equipment called electrodes to your head, legs, chin, and next to the outside of your eyes (near the temples) using special adhesive paste or tape. Please be sure to let the technician know if you have any skin or environmental allergies. There are approximately 15 electrodes to be applied. You may feel strange with electrodes (long wires) attached to you body; however, the process is painless. The electrodes simply record the brain activity and muscle movement; they do not produce any electrical current of their own. You will be free to move around, use the bathroom, watch TV in the lounge, relax and read until approximately 10 p.m.


Approximately 10 p.m. the technicians will show you to your bedroom and apply a few additional recording devices. Again, the procedure is painless and will not restrict your movement during sleep.


The sleep study will begin around 10:30 p.m. The technician will be in a separate room with specialized equipment monitoring your sleep. If you need anything during the night, simply ask, and the technician will hear you through the intercom and assist you.


To make a proper diagnosis it is essential for the patient to get at least seven hours sleep. This means that a technician will wake you up at approximately 6am. If you need to wake up prior to 6a.m. please let the technician know when you arrive; therefore, the sleep study can begin earlier.

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