A Home Sleep Study Test (HST) is a sleep study which involves an overnight recording of a few important body functions and measurements  in the comfort of your own home, in order to look for Sleep Apnea. During sleep

testing, these body functions are monitored using several devices, including:


  • Flexible elastic belts are placed around your chest and abdomen to monitor your breathing efforts.
  • A soft plastic cannula placed in your nostrils monitors airflow.
  • A clip is placed on your index finger to monitor the level of oxygen in your blood and your heart rate.


Preparing for the Test

You will need to come to the sleep center in order to pick up the recording device and receive instructions on how to use it.


On the Day of your Study

  • Do not eat or drink caffeinated products (coffee, tea, chocolate, soda) past 12 noon.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid use of excessive hair styling products (hairspray, gel, etc), makeup and body creams.
  • Remove acrylic nails and nail polish from index fingers.
  • Unless told otherwise, take all prescription medications as instructed by your physician.


What to Bring When Picking Up the Device

  • Physician orders
  • Insurance card



Home Sleep Study Patient Instructions


Instructional Video

We have uploaded an instructional video that explains how to set up the home sleep recording device. Click on the image below to view the video.





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